Projects (2003-Current) > Chapters for a book that will never be finished. (ongoing)

This is a long-term, multi-year project involving the writing of dozens of chapters, in no particular order, for a book that will never be finished.

Each chapter is drafted by hand onto one or more 30 x 22 inch pages of paper, edited, erased, rewritten a number of times, and finally mounted onto a tablet-like panel. Sometimes there are accompanying panels for footnotes. Each chapter, when finished, represents an entire visual record of the thought process that takes place when writing each episode.

The contents of these chapters include both serious and ridiculous investigations into politics and conspiracy theories as well as thoughts on architecture, sandwiches, and so on. These topics will seem unrelated, but there are two common threads throughout: the implication of an overarching narrative and the presence of a consistent narrator for all chapters who provides a running commentary, often of a self-critical and premonition-like nature, located between the lines of text and margins of each page.

For each exhibition, a different group of chapters is selected, always out of order, so that a new combination of subject matter and resulting patterns might occur each time the chapters are presented.